Workplace Mediation Service

In complex organizational settings, an independent and confidential conflict resolution path is essential. Our Workplace Mediation Service (known also as “Ombuds Office”) provides a neutral third party for employees to express concerns or disputes confidentially. This service builds trust, as employees have access to an impartial resource. Our Ombuds professionals are skilled in resolving issues amicably, ensuring all parties feel respected. Outsourcing this service to us brings our vast experience and commitment to neutrality, promoting a proactive and constructive resolution environment.

This service also serves as an early detection system for identifying trends and systemic issues, allowing for timely policy or practice adjustments. With ADR Center Global managing your Ombuds Service, you foster continuous cultural improvement, endorsing transparency, fairness, and a positive working environment. Engage our Ombuds Service to back your team and affirm your dedication to a respectful and cooperative workplace.

Top 7 Advantages of ADR Center Global's Workplace Mediation Service


Increased employee trust & voice

Employees gain a safe space to express concerns and access impartial support, fostering trust and open communication.


Early conflict resolution

Early intervention by experienced mediators helps address issues promptly, preventing escalation and minimizing disruption.


Impartial & respectful process

Our neutral mediators ensure all parties feel respected and heard, leading to more amicable resolutions.


Reduced legal risks & costs

Proactive conflict resolution through the workplace mediation service can minimize the need for formal complaints and legal action.


Improved company culture

A well-functioning mediation program promotes transparency, fairness, and a more positive work environment for all employees.


Trend & issue identification

Yearly mediation reports can provide valuable insights into potential systemic issues, enabling proactive policy and practice adjustments.


Cost-effective & scalable solution

Outsourcing your workplace mediation service allows you to access expert resources without the burden of in-house management.


Reduced conflict & litigation

Address issues proactively, minimizing disruptions, legal costs, and potential damage to company reputation


Increased productivity

By resolving conflicts swiftly and constructively, your team can focus on core tasks and achieve greater productivity.