What we do

Due to highly-professional technical assistance and capacity building services, ADR Center for Development helps countries improve their confidence and competence in ADR processes.

What we do

ADR Center for Development is fully dedicated to the transfer of its know-how to Governments, Ministers of Justices, Courts, BARs and international donors, delivering over 50 outputs which represent the Demand and the Supply sides of ADR.


Deliver Trainings for Trainers for Mediation Courses

Based on our proven training methodology, we design and conduct a Training for Trainers for different ADR courses. The goal is to transfer the know-how and licensed training materials to local trainers.

Assessing ADR legal frameworks and drafting effective ADR reforms

Upon consultation with the relevant stakeholders, our experts commence drafting the proposed reforms with the final goal of achieving a “Balanced relationship between Mediation and Judicial Proceedings”


Design and Run Court-Annexed Mediation Centers

We design and implement court-annexed mediation programs and all related protocols. A specific roll-out plan is developed and coordinated with the court.

Set-up private and public Ombudsman, Mediation and ADR centers

We support our clients to design and set-up various types of public and private Mediation and ADR centers and Ombudsman. If requested, we assist the local management in running during the first years of operations.

Organize ADR Study Tours to learn from international best practices

Study tours can be a powerful way not only to transfer knowledge and experience, but also to start forging relationships between people and organizations. SEE THE LIST OF STUDY VISITS ORGANIZED BY ADR CENTER

Deliver Accredited Basic and Advanced Trainings for Mediators

In our basic and advanced international accredited trainings, we deliver our twenty years of daily know-how in mediation and ADR via a proven methodology.