Unlock the secrets to reducing turnover, boosting engagement, and resolving conflicts, by including mediation.

Join our webinar on mastering mediation techniques and transform your HR strategies to boost your company’s performance with proven mediation methods. You will learn how to:

Retain top talent and reduce turnover rates to ensure your organization has the skilled workforce it needs to achieve its goals

– Foster a positive workplace culture and high levels of employee engagement to increase productivity and save costs due to absenteeism and turnover

Resolve workplace conflicts to minimize legal risks and costs associated with unresolved disputes and potential litigation.

July 11, 17:00 CET

Date and Time: Thursday, July 11, 2024 - 17:00 CET

Duration: 45 minutes

Where: Zoom


How to reduce the cost of conflicts: discover how to analyze and reduce the financial and operational costs of workplace conflicts, understanding their impact on employee morale and productivity.

How to address the nature of corporate conflicts: learn about the legal costs associated with poorly managed conflicts and their effect on your organization.

Strategies for conflict management: understand the different types of conflicts, including workplace, consumer, and community conflicts, and their implications.

Strategies for conflict management: gain effective strategies for conflict management through training and awareness, and explore the 5×5 SOLVE Mediation Matrix framework.

Q&A Session: engage directly with our experts in a Q&A session to get personalized advice and insights.

Leonardo D'Urso

Leonardo D'Urso is the co-founder and CEO of ADR Center, the leading private mediation provider in Europe by the number of mediations administered. For 25 years, he has dedicated himself to the art and science of negotiation, helping to create long-lasting deals and resolving complex disputes as a mediator.

Rachele Gabellini

Expert lawyer in civil, commercial, and labor dispute resolution. Experienced with Baker & McKenzie (Rome and London), since 2010, accredited mediator and trainer at ADR Center, and partner at Gabellini & Associati. Managed over 100 disputes and lectured on negotiation and mediation in Italy and abroad.

Why you should join this webinar


Increased productivity

Discover how to reduce time wasted on conflicts and improve operational efficiency.


Save costs

Learn to manage conflicts effectively to reduce legal costs and employee turnover.


Improve employee morale

Implement strategies that promote a healthy and productive work environment.

program complete


  • Importance of conflict management
  • Webinar overview and objectives

How to reduce the cost of conflicts:

  • Analysis of the financial and operational costs of conflicts
  • Impact on employee morale and productivity
  • Legal and resolution costs of poorly managed conflicts

How to address the nature of corporate conflicts:

  • Types of conflicts in the workplace
  • Consumer and community conflicts
  • Legal conflicts and their implications for the organization

Strategies for conflict management:

  • Training and awareness for staff
  • Internal and external interventions
  • Implementation of the 5×5 SOLVE Mediation Matrix framework

Case Studies and Practical Examples:

  • Analysis of real conflict management cases
  • Results obtained and lessons learned

Q&A Session:

  • Direct interaction with our experts
  • Answers to participants’ specific questions


  • Summary of key points
  • Next steps to implement the discussed strategies


Leonardo D'Urso

25 years ago, I was first struck by the important value of negotiation: in only 20 minutes one of my mentors was able to overcome a dead-locked negotiation and turn a dead negotiation into a “win-win” complex deal that created a huge (incredibly huge!) value for both sides to last many years.

Since then I have dedicated all of my professional life to mastering the art and science of negotiation in two main areas: helping in making long standing deals and resolving complex disputes as mediator.

I am co-founder and CEO of ADR Center, the leading European private mediation provider in terms of number of mediations administered.

I have been key-note speaker, trainer and negotiator coach for dozen of multinationals. I received an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. I reside in Rome, Italy with my wife and our twin boys. I enjoy painting, modern art and architecture.


How do I join the webinar?

After you register for the webinar, you will receive an email with a link to join the session. Simply click on the link at the scheduled time, and you will be directed to the webinar platform. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for the best experience.

Yes, the webinar will be recorded. All registered participants will receive a link to access the recording after the event. This allows you to review the content at your convenience and ensures you don’t miss any important information.

Absolutely! There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where you can ask your questions directly to the presenters. You can also type your questions into the chat or Q&A box at any time during the presentation, and our team will address them as time permits.

Register for our webinar on conflict resolution

Date and Time: Thursday, July 11, 2024 - 17:00 CET

Where: Zoom

Duration: 45 minutes


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