Constantin-Adi Gavrilă

Director of ADR Center’s international activities, Constantin-Adi Gavrilă received his Ph.D. from University of Craiova with emphasis on ”Mediation and Access to Justice”, and is a well-known Romanian mediator with over 15 years of experience in the field of mediation. Mr. Gavrilă is co-founder and General Manager of the Craiova Mediation Center Association, and he serves […]

Aşiyan Süleymanoğlu

Aşiyan Süleymanoğlu graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Law Faculty and has practiced as a lawyer since 2006, as a member of the Istanbul Bar Association. In 2014, she received her L.L.M decree in Rule of Law for Development from Loyola Chicago University. She has more than 12 years field experience working on multi-million dollar international […]

Camilo Azcarate

Camilo Azcarate is a dispute resolution consultant with 25 years of experience as ombudsman, mediator, facilitator and trainer working for international organizations. Previously, he managed the office of mediation services for the World Bank Group (2008 – 2018), lead ombuds at Princeton University (2003-2008) and Director of the Conflict Resolution Institute at FGCU’s Center for […]

Jay Welsh

Jay has been with JAMS since 1991, and has been instrumental in the growth of JAMS and ADR over the last three decades. He writes and speaks widely on various ADR topics to groups throughout the world.  As General Counsel of JAMS through 2016, he was responsible for all legal matters, panel quality, risk management, […]

Elena Koltsaki

Elena Koltsaki is a lawyer-mediator and sits as a regular member at the Mediators’ Accreditation Committee at the Greek Ministry of Justice. Since June 2017 she has been appointed as a member of the Law Drafting Committee on Mediation by the Greek Ministry of Justice. She is currently the lead mediation trainer of the biggest […]

Elena Ciancio

Ms. Ciancio, senior staff member of ADR Center, is expert in the management and coordination of technical-assistance and capacity-building projects focused on Conflict Management and ADR – e.g. mediation, negotiation, business diplomacy, consensus building, facilitation of social dialogue and access to justice in the international civil and commercial sectors. These projects have always been financed […]

James Coben

Professor James Coben, a senior fellow in Mitchell Hamline’s Dispute Resolution Institute, which he directed from 2000-2009, teaches civil procedure, mediation, negotiation, and theories of conflict. He was the founding director of Hamline Law’s Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program and also pioneered a variety of innovative alternative dispute resolution clinical opportunities for […]

Ken Fox

Professor, School of Business, Director of Conflict Studies and Senior Fellow for DRI Kenneth (Ken) Fox teaches a full-range of conflict theory and theory-to-practice courses to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. He has taught, trained, and consulted throughout the United States, providing mediation, negotiation, facilitation, workplace conflict management, conflict transformation, and other related services in a variety […]

Leonardo D’Urso

Leonardo D’Urso is the CEO and co-founder of ADR Center. Since 1998, he has resolved more than 1000 national and international complex civil and commercial mediations. With 20 years of full-time work in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), he is responsible for the managing of ADR Center’s activities, the opening of 31 Resolution […]

Marcello Marinari

A former judge, he is the Head of Secretariat – Office of the State’s Undersecretary for Justice in Italy and Member of the Italian Ministry’s Executive Office – Coordination Service for International Affairs. He was the Counsel in charge of the civil service at the Milan Court of Appeals and later, in 2008, he was […]