Public Policy Dispute Resolution

ADR Center manage international and domestic public disputes that involve multiple stakeholders through mediation and facilitation processes.

Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Through public policy dispute resolution, ADR Center can assist with effective design and management of public policy disputes, particularly those concerning environmental and community impact, water access, natural resources management, business development, transportation, education, healthcare or land use and regulation.

The exponential growth in demographics, communication and use of technology have determined a need for more transparency, accountability and collaborative-based decision making. This requires new approaches when it comes to the interaction between policy makers and the public, including how the public is informed about new decisions in regard to public policies.



Ottobre 2020


Febbraio 2021

Our global mediators are recognized practitioners in the international arena, with extensive experience in managing sensitive, complex and multi-party conflicts in the public sector. Moreover, given their cultural diversity and local availability, our global mediators have the ability to understand and use the cultural dimension of the disputes we mediate.

Using public policy dispute resolution not only addresses risks and reduces costs and delays but also increases the likelihood of arriving at an acceptable joint resolution of the underlying factors causing the public dispute.

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