Rome, 17-19 July 2023

The Study Visit was financed by the European Commission through the TAIEX Program.

Main Institutions Visited:

    1. ADR Center (private mediation provider) – CEO, Leonardo D’Urso,  & International Team
    2. Mediation Center of the Rome Bar Association – Coordinator, Ms. Maria Agnino
    3. Rome Civil Court – President 5° Civil Section, Mr. Lorenzo Pontecorvo, and Mr. Laura Centofanti, 17° Civil Section
    4. Supreme Court of Cassation – First President, Ms. Margherita Cassano
    5. Mediation Register Office of Ministry of Justice – Officer of the Judicial Affairs Department, Ms. Daniela CECCARELLI
    6. Rome Bar Association – Council Members, Mr. Alessandro Graziani and Mr. Paolo Voltaggio, and Vice President, Maria Agnino
    7. Italian Ministry of Justice – Magistrate at the International Affairs Office, Antonio PASTORE, Magistrate at the Legislative Office, Mirella DELIA, and Inspectorate Magistrates, Ms. Tiziana GUALTIERI and Ms. Camilla COGNETTI
    8. A productive bilateral meeting took place between Minister Nordio – Minister Mihailov-Moraru

Participants: High Governmental Delegation of the Republic of Moldova


Veronica Mihailov-Moraru

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Moldova


Dorin Popescu

Head of the Department of Advocacy and Licensing of Legal Activities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus


Felicia Chifa

President of the Mediation Council


Dumitru Lefter

Director of the Mediation Center – Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Adrian Cerbu

Judge of the Criuleni Court