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Srđan Šimac, Ph.D. is a judge of the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia and President of Croatian Mediation Association. He is among leading mediators in Croatia with unique expertise and approach and mediation pioneer. He mediated many domestic and international commercial disputes: maritime law /he is a lieutenant of the merchant marine/, commercial contracts, sale of goods/services, insurance/reinsurance, construction, employment & workplace, partnership, family business, division of property and disputes with a public sector. He helped hundreds persons and companies to resolve their conflicts and disputes. He treats them always as the most important persons in the world.

Srđan is a mediation trainer, lecturer, speaker, author and mediation promoter nationally and internationally (in 17 countries). He is an international mediation consultant (EBRD, CEDR, and IDLO) and an international mediator recognized in Washington, London, Vienna, Moscow, and Hong-Kong.

He is a Senior Weinstein Fellow, JAMS, from 2010 and a carrier of the “Mediation Oscar” – CEDR Award 2012 winner for ADR and Civil Justice Innovation; Croatian Mediation Association Award 2013 and Slovenian Mediators’ Association Award 2016. Srđan is identified by the international directory Who’s Who Legal Commercial Mediation 2011-2018.