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Merita Bala

Merita Bala has been working in the mediation area since 2002, when she started working at the Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes (AFCR), an umbrella NGO in Albania focused on the promotion and development of ADR/Mediation. She is trained nationally and internationally in mediation and conflict management, and she is a licensed mediator by the Albanian National Commission for Accreditation of Mediators at the Ministry of Justice.

Currently she is a Programme Manager at AFCR. Merita has contributed in the development and management of programmes focused on mediation, restorative justice and peer mediation. She has also been manager and reviewer of the cases handled by AFCR mediators under various projects. Merita has been engaged as trainer in the area of conflict management through mediation and facilitation in the trainings delivered by AFCR. She is also part-time lecturer of the subject on “Mediation Theories and Practices” at the one-year master course on Conflict Resolution through Mediation, initiated recently by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana.

From December 2013 Merita has been involved as mediator/facilitator by the Compliance, Advisor, and Ombudsman (CAO), the recourse mechanism of the World Bank Group for IFC and MIGA, in the management of the company-company disputes in Albania.