Camilo Azcarate is an international dispute resolution expert with 25 years of experience as ombuds mediator, facilitator and trainer working for public, private and international organizations. He is currently the Ombuds for the European Southern Observatory. Previously he was the manager for the office of mediation services at the World Bank and the Ombuds at Princeton University.

Camilo teaches graduate-level courses at Columbia University and was a fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs (2018). He is a Board member of the International Ombudman Association (IOA) and was the keynote plenary speaker for its Annual Conference (2017).

Camilo holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from Universidad Javeriana, a Masters in Corporate Law (LLM) and Masters in Dispute Resolution (MA) from the University of Massachusetts as well as a Certificate from Cornell University´s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. He is a recipient of the Don Paulson Award for Excellence in Dispute Resolution.