Albena Komitova

Albena Komitova is an attorney at law in the Sofia Bar Association, specializing in commercial and civil law. Her positions include mediator, mediation trainer, co-founder and former Chairman of the Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria, and manager of the Center for Dispute Resolutions in Sofia. She has been a certified mediator since 2006 and has experience in different kinds of civil and commercial cases, including multi-party and company-community cases. Komitova is recognized as one of the leading trainers of mediation in Bulgaria. In recent years, she has actively conducted specialized training for dispute resolution for mediators, judges, lawyers and politicians. Albena Komitova has participated in many projects as an expert and project manager relating to the promotion of mediation, funded by various European and American funds. She manages and consults on large scale projects to develop functioning court mediation referral programs in several Bulgarian towns and to join the efforts of courts, lawyers, mediators to ensure the best possible dispute resolution service. Albena Komitova is a consultant on mediation in working groups at the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council.