Mahmoud Mourad


Nationality: Egyptian Languages spoken: Arabic, English Residence: Dubai, UAE Mahmoud Mourad serves as legal counsel and the chairman of the mediation panel for the government of Dubai. He is also a mediator with the Global Mediation Unit at the UN Ombudsman Office, as well as with the Arab Mediation Center in Cairo. Moreover, he is a […]

Leonardo D’Urso

Nationality: Italian Languages spoken: English, Italian Residence: Rome, Italy Professional background: Full time mediator of complex commercial disputes Leonardo D’Urso is the CEO and co-founder of ADR Center. Since 1998, he has resolved more than 1000 national and international complex civil and commercial mediations. With 20 years of full-time work in the field of Alternative Dispute […]

Marcello Marinari

A former judge, he is the Head of Secretariat – Office of the State’s Undersecretary for Justice in Italy and Member of the Italian Ministry’s Executive Office – Coordination Service for International Affairs. He was the Counsel in charge of the civil service at the Milan Court of Appeals and later, in 2008, he was […]


Ximena Bustamante is one of the most acknowledged mediators in Ecuador. She is founding partner of PACTUM Dispute Resolution Consulting and a mediator in several mediation centers across Ecuador. She is a Professor at San Francisco de Quito University and has taught several courses and seminars on mediation both in Ecuador and Internationally. She is […]


Valeria Mondino est un avocat et médiateur qui s’occupe – à partir du 1991 et dans le cabinet de sa propreté – du Droit Civile. Dans l’exercice de sa profession d’avocat, elle a toujours privilégié la méthode de conciliation et du règlement des différends. De 2010 est Médiateur professionnel en matière civile et commerciale en plus […]


Ms. Ciancio, senior staff member of ADR Center, is expert in the management and coordination of technical-assistance and capacity-building projects focused on Conflict Management and ADR – e.g. mediation, negotiation, business diplomacy, consensus building, facilitation of social dialogue and access to justice in the international civil and commercial sectors. These projects have always been financed […]