Boardroom mediation service

The boardroom should be a space for strategic decision-making, but conflicts among key stakeholders can quickly derail progress. ADR Center Global’s Boardroom Mediation Service provides a confidential and structured forum to address disagreements between directors of the board, CEOs, founders, venture capitalists and shareholders before they escalate and hinder the company’s direction.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced mediators understands the unique dynamics at play within ownership groups. They facilitate open dialogue, fostering mutual understanding and respect among all parties.  This neutral space allows the main board stakeholders to voice their concerns, explore underlying interests, and work collaboratively towards solutions that benefit the long-term health and success of the company. By promoting transparency, trust, and open communication within the boardroom, mediation can significantly reduce the risk of disruptive conflicts, ensuring a more productive and harmonious governance environment.

Top 7 Advantages of Boardroom Mediation with ADR Center Global


Preserved boardroom harmony

Address disagreements constructively before they escalate into disruptive conflicts, fostering a more productive and collaborative board environment.


Enhanced communication & trust

Facilitate open dialogue and mutual understanding among board members, owners, and shareholders, strengthening trust within the boardroom.


Strategic decision-making

Resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently, allowing the board to focus on strategic decision-making that benefits the company's long-term goals.


Confidential & neutral process

Provide a safe and confidential space for all parties to voice concerns freely, ensuring a neutral and impartial approach to resolving complex issues.


Preserving relationships

Foster respectful dialogue and collaboration, helping to maintain positive relationships among key stakeholders within the company.


Reduced legal risks & costs

Minimize the potential for costly and time-consuming litigation by resolving disputes through effective mediation.


Strengthened governance

Promote transparency and trust within the boardroom, leading to a more effective and ethical governance environment.


Reduced conflict & litigation

Address issues proactively, minimizing disruptions, legal costs, and potential damage to company reputation


Increased productivity

By resolving conflicts swiftly and constructively, your team can focus on core tasks and achieve greater productivity.

By implementing ADR Center Global’s Boardroom Mediation Service, your organization can constructively navigate challenging situations, protect valuable relationships, and ensure the board remains focused on driving the company’s success.