Rome, 1-4 March 2016

Visit funded by USAID and sponsored by the Commercial Law Department Program (CLDP) of the U.S. Department of Commerce and by ADR Center, as completion of a successful project in Kabul creating ACDR, the first mediation center to solve commercial disputes in Kabul.

Main Institutions Visited:

  • ADR Center
  • Italian Court of Cassation
  • Italian Ministry of Justice
  • Commercial Court in Rome

Delegations Members:

1Sayed Yusuf Halim Chief Justice and Director of Supreme Court of Afghanistan
2Abdul Qader Adalat KhahMember of High Council Of Supreme Court
3Abdul Wali QazizadaHead of Appellate Court of Nangrahar province
4Jawid RashidiHead of Civil Division of 3th Zone of Kabul
5Naqeebullah SafiJudge of Primary commercial court of Balkh (Giudice del Tribunale Commerciale di Primo Grado di Balkh)
6Abdul Momin Zia BadakhshJudge of Primary commercial court of Balkh
7Abdul Qadir BahmanDeputy CEO, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries
8Raqib Sher ZadInternational Attorney Advisor, CLPD – Commercial Law Department Program of the US Department of Commerce
9Mr. Zmarak KhanChief of staff supreme court of Afghanistan
10Mr. Mohammad Arif SalimiFirst Counsellor, Afghanistan Embassy in Rome
11Mr. Mohammad Arash FaqirzadFirst Secretary, Afghanistan Embassy in Rome