Domestic & international Mediations

Domestic & international Mediations

Are you facing a disagreement with a business partner, a client, or a supplier, either resident in the same jurisdiction or in another country?

ADR Center Global’s mediation services offer a faster, more cost-effective path to resolution compared to traditional litigation. Our experienced mediators, equally familiar with local laws and customs and good international practices, can help you find common ground while maintaining positive relationships. Confidentiality is guaranteed, allowing for open and honest communication that leads to a mutually beneficial solution.

Need to bridge the gap in a cross-border dispute?

ADR Center Global’s international mediation services are here to assist. Our global reach connects you with qualified mediators residing in over 80 jurisdictions and fluent in more than 30 languages. Cultural sensitivity and legal expertise ensure clear communication, allowing you to navigate complex international disputes with confidence. With our secure online platform, you can participate in mediation sessions conveniently, reducing travel expenses and streamlining the process.


Faster resolution & cost-effectiveness

Resolve disputes quicker and save money compared to lengthy and expensive court battles.


Preserved relationships

Maintain positive connections with neighbors, business partners, or family members through a collaborative approach.


Confidentiality guaranteed

Open and honest communication is encouraged by keeping all discussions private.


Experienced network

Access highly qualified mediators who are familiar with domestic laws and customs for local disputes or with international legal frameworks and cultural sensitivity for cross-border issues.


Global reach & multilingual support

Our network of mediators fluent in over 30 languages facilitates the resolution of disputes with parties anywhere in the world.


Flexibility & Convenience

For international disputes, you can choose between in-person or online mediation sessions, depending on your needs and reducing travel expenses.


7. Proven Methodology & Technology

Benefit from our structured approach and secure online platform for communication and document sharing, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.