Cross-Border Commercial Mediation

ADR Center provide to law firms, general counsels and international organizations an efficient and cost-effective mediation service to solve complex commercial cross-border disputes.

Cross-Border Commercial Mediation

Given the rise of globalization and the prevelance of cross-border trade, there is an unfortunate increase in conflict across industries. 

ADR Center’s global mediators have solid knowledge that allows them to fully grasp the cross-border commercial issues at stake in a dispute and have extensive experience in mediating a wide variety of disputes. They are capable of using the main principles and adapting them to different cases through the design and management of custom-made mediation processes.

At the same time, cross-border commercial disputes involve parties of different nationalities, cultures or backgrounds. This is why ADR Center takes into account local practices, culture, and traditions. For this purpose, global mediators represent various languages, geographical areas and cultures, and have the ability to understand and operate within the local context, as well as to work within the  parties’ cultural parameters.

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