Company-Community Dispute Resolution

The necessary involvement of an experienced third-party in sectorial disputes.

Company-Community Dispute Resolution

The private sector can have a significant impact on people’s lives as companies pay taxes, improve the infrastructure, create jobs and develop communities. At the same time local communities raise concerns related to the perceived negative impacts of private sector’s projects. Examples include impacts of air quality, ground waters, impacts on buildings, resettlement or improper information sharing. In order to address all these concerns and to successfully navigate such complex and conflict-prone environments, it is often found that the involvement of a third-party is needed, with specific knowledge, analytical and practical skills and sufficient context-related experience.


Ottobre 2020


Febbraio 2021

By way of company-community dispute resolution, ADR Center Global will support companies, communities and other stakeholders in preventing, managing, transforming or resolving disputes related to the environmental and social impacts of private sector’s projects. Our intervention strategies could include providing capacity building, implementing fact-finding exercises or designing and managing company-community dialogue platforms.

The quality of our company-community dispute resolution services is guaranteed by the competence of our Global Mediators, who are recognized experts in this field, with extensive experience working with independent accountability mechanisms of development banks, multinationals and other international organizations. They will be able to design and implement efficient processes that are broadly inclusive and legitimate. This will assist our global mediators in managing sustainable processes for resolving company-community conflicts and maximizing collaborative opportunities.

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