Capacity Building in ADR International Projects

We increase the demand and the quality of mediation and ADR services for Ministers of Justice, Courts, BARs and private institutions with the support of international donors.

ADR Center for Development

ADR Center for Development is the consultancy division of ADR Center, Europe’s largest private mediation center of civil and commercial disputes in terms of mediations administrated. Funded in 1998, we have more than 20 years of experience in projects implementation in the sector of mediation and ADR along with ongoing daily experience in administering mediations.

Most Requested Project Outputs

Cross-Border Commercial Mediation

We provide to law firms, general counsels and integrations an efficient and cost-effective mediation service to solve complex commercial cross-border disputes.

Public Plicy Dispute Resolution

We manage international and domestic public dispute that involve multiple stakeholders through mediation and facilitation processes.

Company-Community Dispute Resolution

ADR Center Global Will support companies, communities and other stakeholders prevent and resolve disputes related to the environmental and social impacts of private sector's project.

ADR Programs

We design, omplement and manage ADR programs for multinational corporations and international organizations to prevent, manage and resolve internal and external disputes in all levels of the organization.

ADR for law Firms

Law firms can outsource to ADR Center Global to receive ADR benefits, without having to acquire the expertise necessary for a successuful ADR program

Corporate Governance Dispute Resolution

We assist Boards of Directors of medium and large organizations and stakeholders representatives in facilitating the dialogue and resolve internal disputes.

Dispute Review Boad

We mange Dispute Review Boards in large and complex contruction project to prevent, manage and solve disputes during the duration of the project.

Ombus Officies in Outsourcing

We manage Ombuds offices for global employers as outsource provider to resolve workplace disputes in all branches of multinational corporations and international organizations.

20 years of daily experience in administrating mediations

We proudly bring more than 20 years of experience to the table in projects implementation along with ongoing daily experience in administering mediations. We know mediation inside out from A to Z and effectively pass our know-how to our international clients.

A leading European mediation provider Administrating thousands of mediations annually

A Proven method to pass our know how to our Client: two-track methodology

A successful legislative mediation framework that we apply avery day: the required initial mediation session

Selected Projects Successfully Implemented

Arbitration Center
International Consultant Jordan – Commercial Mediation
Improving the Effectiveness of the Administrative Judiciary and Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Council of State
Training of Trainers on Mediation in the Caribbean
Comparative Analysis of the Legal and Institutional Frameworks and Best Practices for Commercial Mediation
Certified Mediation Training for IOM
Introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms
Supporting Regulatory Framework for Improving the Business
Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Project in Moldova (Phase IV)
Training of Trainers on Mediation for Pakistani Judges
Introducing mediation and strengthening legal profession
Mediation Program in India

Our Team of ADR Senior Experts

We are a team of world-class mediators, ombuds, peace-makers and ADR experts located globally with years of concrete experience in the ADR field.

 Constantin-Adi Gavrilă

Director of ADR Center’s international activities, Constantin-Adi Gavrilă received his Ph.D. from University of Craiova with emphasis on ”Mediation and Access to Justice”, and is a well-known Romanian mediator with over 15 years of experience in the field of mediation.

Aşiyan Süleymanoğlu

as a member of the Istanbul Bar Association. In 2014, she received her L.L.M decree in Rule of Law for Development from Loyola Chicago University.

Camilo Azcarate

Camilo Azcarate is a dispute resolution consultant with 25 years of experience as ombudsman, mediator, facilitator and trainer working for international organizations.

Jay Welsh

Jay has been with JAMS since 1991, and has been instrumental in the growth of JAMS and ADR over the last three decades.

Elena Koltsaki

Elena Koltsaki is a lawyer-mediator and sits as a regular member at the Mediators’ Accreditation Committee at the Greek Ministry of Justice.

Elena Ciancio

Ms. Ciancio, British/Italian senior staff member of ADR Center, is mediator and expert in the management and coordination of technical-assistance and capacity-building projects focused on Conflict Management and ADR – e.g. mediation, negotiation, business diplomacy, consensus building, facilitation of social dialogue and access to justice in the international civil and commercial sectors.

James Coben

Professor James Coben, a senior fellow in Mitchell Hamline’s Dispute Resolution Institute, which he directed from 2000-2009, teaches civil procedure, mediation, negotiation, and theories of conflict.

Ken Fox

Professor, School of Business, Director of Conflict Studies and Senior Fellow for DRI

Leonardo D’Urso

Leonardo D’Urso is the CEO and co-founder of ADR Center. Since 1998, he has resolved more than 1000 national and international complex civil and commercial mediations.

Marcello Marinari

A former judge, he is the Head of Secretariat – Office of the State’s Undersecretary for Justice in Italy and Member of the Italian Ministry’s Executive Office – Coordination Service for International Affairs.

Nana Papadogeorgaki

Nana Papadogeorgaki is a lawyer, practicing Law as an independent or in-house legal advisor. She has gained specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is now a Mediator accredited in the UK, the USA and in Greece.

Tim Hardy

Tim Hardy has been mediating for over ten years, working with parties to resolve disputes across a broad spectrum of commercial sectors.

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