Prevent streams of disputes for organizations

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Dispute System Design

ADR Center Global’s experts design and implement for their clients a variety of dispute systems for different needs like workplace disputes, employee grievances and consumer, client and supplier disputes. More information here.

Corporate Governance dispute resolution

ADR Center Global will design, implement, and evaluate corporate governance-related dispute resolution programs to address disputes affecting the governance of corporations. More information here.


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Febbraio 2021

ADR for law firm

Law firms can outsource mediation to ADR Center Global to receive ADR benefits, without having to acquire the expertise necessary for a successful ADR program.. More information here.

Ombuds offices

Private and large companies can use ADR Center Global’s support in establishing ombudsman offices to address internal or external concerns. More information here.

Dispute resolution boards

ADR Center Global can design and implement Dispute Resolution Boards (DRBs) – effective tools for the prevention, resolution and management of construction related disputes. More information here.