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Our Methodology

How we do

A proven methodology is essential to the successful implementation and completion of international projects on the promotion of ADR.
Based on both our daily experience in the administration of mediation and on our almost 20 years of international experience in ADR capacity building assistance, we have developed a comprehensive proven system the “ADR Center Two Track Methodology”. More than 50 activities make up the two tracks which represent the Demand and the Supply sides of ADR. Our experience has also taught us that each region and each country is unique and that it is important not to predetermine any program approach automatically. Indeed our work in these countries has extended beyond assessment and design, but also includes implementation at the countrywide levels and building sustainability. ADR Center has strong experience in applying effective regional and international practices in challenging and often changing local markets. We have a deep appreciation for the unique issues, needs and institutions that each market presents.


The demand focuses efforts on building the effective recourse to ADR through advocating a proven ADR legal framework, judicial and court referral programs, public awareness to key stakeholders, long term educational programs with the aim of creating the conditions and incentives needed to overcome barriers to ADR that exist each society.


The supply places great attention on building the value of ADR and the regulatory incentives to engage in ADR. Track Two, supply, directs efforts at the traditional approach of building excellent mediation capacity through adapting best practices to local contexts, developing an effective service provider organization, and providing training for the service providers team and ADR professionals.