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Mediation and Facilitative Processes


Mediations, Facilitative Processes and ADR Programs

With 20 years of daily experience, ADR Center Global assists law firms and corporate legal departments of multinationals and international organizations to increase productivity by resolving complex commercial cross-border disputes and by managing ADR programs through mediation and facilitative processes.

ADR Center Global administers complex cross-border mediations, public and environmental dispute resolution dialogues and ADR programs in the most efficient and cost-effective way and with the highest quality standards worldwide.

Cross-Border Commercial Mediation

We provide to law firms, general counsels and integrations an efficient and cost-effective mediation service to solve complex commercial cross-border disputes.

Public Plicy Dispute Resolution

We manage international and domestic public dispute that involve multiple stakeholders through mediation and facilitation processes.

Company-Community Dispute Resolution

ADR Center Global Will support companies, communities and other stakeholders prevent and resolve disputes related to the environmental and social impacts of private sector's project.

ADR Programs

We design, omplement and manage ADR programs for multinational corporations and international organizations to prevent, manage and resolve internal and external disputes in all levels of the organization.

ADR for law Firms

Law firms can outsource to ADR Center Global to receive ADR benefits, without having to acquire the expertise necessary for a successuful ADR program

Corporate Governance Dispute Resolution

We assist Boards of Directors of medium and large organizations and stakeholders representatives in facilitating the dialogue and resolve internal disputes.

Dispute Review Boad

We mange Dispute Review Boards in large and complex contruction project to prevent, manage and solve disputes during the duration of the project.

Ombus Officies in Outsourcing

We manage Ombuds offices for global employers as outsource provider to resolve workplace disputes in all branches of multinational corporations and international organizations.

Global Panel of Mediators

We are a team of world-class mediators and peace-makers located globally. Our staff support a growing membership that brings expertise in mediation, peace process support, and innovation in peacebuilding.


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